Thursday, February 9, 2017

I Moved!

Hey everyone-

Due to some site issues that I didn't know how to fix, I've changed hosts. You can now catch me at:

Please excuse the mess for now. It'll look better soon... hopefully! More adventures to come!


Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Road Trip continued- Decatur

We took it easy Tuesday and hung around Decatur with family.

I took advantage of the warm weather and took my first outside run, and only run other than 5 minutes on the treadmill, post baby. I made the mistake of starting out on a hill, but I was able to get a mile and a half done with a 12 minute pace. Not a bad start.

We cruised the square and landed at Rooster's for lunch. I would frequent this place if I lived in here. 

I had the Smoked Garlic Jalapeno Bacon Cheddar Burger. The name is a mouthful and so is the burger- but it was sooo good. I washed it down with some beer and called it an afternoon!

I wish we had more time to spend in Decatur, but we're headed to Dallas for work tomorrow. Stay tuned for more adventures!

Road Trip continued- Fort Worth

Monday, we adventured over to Fort Worth for some lunch. The weather was gorgeous- such a nice break from the gross winter weather of Missouri.

Apparently Joe T. Garcia's in the place to be. The margaritas were delicious! I could have sat by this fountain drinking margaritas all day long! If you're ever in Forth Worth- check this place out! I hear they usually have a crazy long line, but we got right in at lunch time. 

I had the chicken taquitos. They were great!

After lunch, we walked off the margaritas at the Stockyards. We walked around some of the back areas and checked out the old cattle runs. I suggest going with a local to get some of the history like I did- it made it a lot more interesting!

We are having a blast so far! One more day in Decatur before we head to Dallas!

Road Trip- Oklahoma City

I have to work in Dallas this week, so we decided to head down for the weekend. We stopped in Oklahoma City to visit some friends.

We kicked Saturday off with brunch at Kitchen 324. Delicious! I had this Rose Mojito. Oh man! So good!

Then, I had an eggs benedict that was made with green tomatoes. Again- SO DELICIOUS. I loved this place!

I also snuck a bite of Hubbs' lox. It was also delicious!

After brunch, we walked a couple of blocks over to the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial. I've always wanted to visit, so I'm glad we finally got the chance. Oklahoma City Bombing is one of the first tragedies I can remember watching on tv as a kid. I think this is the reason that any time a horrific event happens, I'm glued to the news trying to piece together what happened and why. 

It also breaks my heart to remember the children that died. Having a kid totally changes your perspective, and seeing the memorial for the children made my heart hurt. 

The Survivor's Tree was also impactful, thinking about the destruction it withstood and how much it has grown since. 

After spending the day in Oklahoma City, we headed to Texas. Stay tuned for more!

Monday, January 23, 2017

Birthday Weekend

Today's my birthday. And it's such a weird one. 30. I feel a little lost. Part of me wants to kick it off with a big, wild night out, and the new mom side of me just wants to be at home with my baby cuddling. I feel so torn sometimes- I guess between the person I used to be and the person I am now. Just figuring it all out.

Friday, Hubbs and I had a lunch date at Houlihans. Ps. If you sign up for their email list, you get a free birthday meal. Can't beat that!

I had a house salad with ranch. My absolute favorite salad!

And scallops for my main course. 

Then we hit up the car wash to wash away all the nasty salt from the winter weather. 

And my bestie send me flowers- that was a lovely surprise. They are gorgeous!

Friday- Baby Girl turned 3 months old!! So crazy! And she started holding her head up on her own this weekend.

Saturday, Hubbs and Baby Girl took me out to brunch and shopping at Target. Perfect Saturday! We ate at the Aviary. I started off with a delicious grapefruit mimosa.

And then I had the Aux Nutella crepe. Totally healthy... right?? Oh well- it's my birthday!!

And, one of my favorites in town, Pineapple Whip was in the middle of their Winter Solstice - where they are open for one weekend during the off season, so of course we had to do that! Notice the blanket on the hula girl? Makes me laugh every time!


And I ended the weekend with a little too much of this amazingness... Can't wait to finish off the rest of it tonight. I first had grapefruit rose under the Eifferl Tower in Paris, so I was super excited to find some here! Such good memories! 

Not too shabby of a start to 30! 

Monday, January 16, 2017

I was brave.

Today, I did something hard- something outside my comfort zone. And I was nervous!

The funny thing is, I challenged myself. I challenged myself to be the person that I want my daughter to be. I want her to be someone who is brave, who can stand up for herself, who can have real, honest conversations and to go after what she wants.

I had no idea my daughter, all of 3 months old, would challenge me to be better, but she already has. And today, I was brave because of her.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Ice Storm!

Last night, we had the fun of an ice storm! I haven't had to deal with one of these since high school. Thankfully, I was in college in Minnesota when the big ice storm hit 10 years ago and put everyone out of power for weeks.

Normally, I'd just stay home and wait it out, but since we have a baby- we decided to play it safe and go spend the night at Grandpa's house since he has a wood stove and generator. 

We made a quick stop by the grocery store for snacks. Thank god we didn't need any milk or bread. Yeesh.


Got milk? We don't.

I saw this on Facebook last night and almost died...

The ice storm wasn't as bad as we expected. Our neighborhood didn't lose power, and the roads were fine, so we packed everything up and came back home around noon today. It was a nice little mini vacation at Grandpa's. Plus, baby girl played so hard that she slept for 6 hours straight. Maybe we should go to Grandpa's more often. Snoopy was so worn out from playing with the other puppies that he went straight to bed when he got home, and I haven't seen him since. 

We saw a couple of tree limbs down around our town, but it wasn't anything bad.

I have to say, ice on trees is pretty.

Hubbs and I spent the rest of the day working from home and snuggling baby girl. So glad the storm wasn't bad, and we got a nice three day weekend out of it! :)